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New maps

New maps have been added today: Z (H2-S); Nuclear (H2-M); Raiders of the Losr Alicorn (H3RE-S); Zero Tolerance (H3RE-M); Earth Eria, Land of Sword and Scepter, Nightmares, The Lost City (H3RE-XL); Outcoming, Reavers of the North, The Cursed Land (H3AB-XL); Devils Around, Grail Wars, Justice Fighter, Justice Fighter II (H3SD-S); Rescuing Queen (H3SD-L); The Cross, The War, War of Legion (H3SD-XL); Seeking the Blackshard (H3WG-S); Lands of Discord (H3WG-M); Treasure of the Warrior (H3WG-L); Discoveries, Domination, The Eye of Dread (H4-M); Nine Princes of Amber (H4-L). Look for them in our section "New Maps".

The Knights of the Round Table of the second call have been elected!

Today the elections of the Knights of the Round Table of the second call have ended. During those 12 days of elections every inhabitant of our portal could send us a letter, containing 12 nicknames of those, who in his or her opinion is worthy of working in this parliament (you can find the details about its functions here). Here you can get acquainted with the results of the elections. Administration of HeroesPortal greets the 12 chosen: VAN, Swamp Chaos, Silver Lynx,shay tan, Poseydon, Nyrok, Maverick, Jerky Fox, Havr, Duke Kirinyale, Djekil, Airmage, and wishes them good luck and great success in ruling our Lands. Welcome to "HeroesLands"!

The experimental on-line tourney for HMM3 SoD continues

This tourney is being conducted by sir Armagedda. Ask him about the tournament rules and all the details. Here you can get acquainted with the list of participants and the results of fights that have already ended.

New maps

New maps were added today: Advocate (H3RE-L); Archipelago of Whimsy (H3RE-XL); Agricultural Dispute, Demolisher 1.2, Wrath of Angor (H3AB-S); One-One War (H3AB-M); Arthur (H3SD-M); For Blood and Honor, New Beginning, War of Water (H3SD-L); 221 b. Baker Street, Quest of Two Legends, Sudden War, Unleash (H3SD-XL); Duel (H3WG-S); Bad Habits, Seven (H3WG-M); Vasiliy vs. Dragon (H3WG-L); Tears of Sunset (H3WG-XL); War of the Wastelands (H4-M); Island Assault (H4WW-S); Blown Away 1.01 (H4WW-XL). Look for them in our section "New Maps".

The results of the 1st contest of Portal mapmakers (HMM3 maps) have been calculated

Today the results of 1st contest of Portal mapmakers (HMM3 maps) have been finally calculated and posted here. We congratulate all the winners and thank them for marvelous works! We also glad to inform you, that the contest of Portal mapmakers (HMM4 maps) is going to open soon.

The elections to the Knights of the Round Table of second convocation have begun

"Here, while standing in this circle, let us thank Creator for the deliverance he brought us. And let this circle be the symbol of our deeds. Each one standing here will be equal to another. And each one will indefatigably struggle for truth and honor" (King Arthur). Today I, the Supreme Magister of Portal, announce the beginning of elections to SECOND convocation of Knights of the Round Table. I solemnly swear to observe the honesty of the elections. Remember: 1) In your voting letter you can write up to 12 nicknames of those whom you consider to be worthy of being elected to the Knights of the Round Table; 2) Remember, that only citizens that have rank "Knight" and ABOVE can be elected; 3) Don't forget to sign up your letter with your correctly spelled nickname in English; 4) Letters with your votes you should send to

New maps and campaigns

New maps and campaigns were added today: Peace and Order (H3RE-S); Deltora's Quest, The Hunters 1.01 (H3RE-XL); Cave, Four Islands, Elvish Wars, Quest of the Sphere, The One (H3SD-M); The Dragon Shadow (H3SD-L); Dark Horizon (H3SD-XL); Capital of Death II, R. A. T. (H3SD-C); Tower vs. Dungeon (H3WG-S); MM8, Stag's Shadow, The story continues, World of artifacts (H3WG-XL); Birth of Hero II (H3WG-C). Look for them in our section "New Maps".

On-line gaming development on our portal continues

Today the booking for EXPERIMENTAL ON-LINE TOURNEYS for Heroes3 has been opened. The rules of those tourneys differ from those, that conducts sir Poly-Master. You can get more information about the new on-line tourneys in HeroesLands 3 from sir Armagedda who conducts these tourneys.

The problems in "Tavern" have been solved

Today we finally succeeded to solve the problems in our "Tavern" you can see again in  forum and in  chatroom, who is there at the moment. As they say, "magister Pool has arrived and switched the light on in Tavern:)". Wait for more interesting updates to come soon.

Our offline tourneys continue

Recently the results of the last round of tourneys in HeroesLands 3 and 4 have benn summed up. You can find them in Hall of Glory. The 1st experimental tourney in HeroesLands 2 has also ended, and by the end of September we hope to make them regular. Meanwhile, if you want to sign up for the next tourney in HeroesLands 2, CH tourneys of our English secitons have also ended. The prizes earned by the players in last HMM4 tourneys, were already distributed. If you found out, that something is wrong with your reward of you didn't get it at all, check your profile carefully one more time and only then write a letter with your properly written nickname, name of the tourney and sum that you haven't got, to the conductor of the tourney. And hurry to take part in new tourney that have just been open!

Problems in "Tavern"

Dear visitors! Unfortunately, our main programmer has a vacation now, and you can observe a slight malifunction of the script, responsible for displaying names of visitors in Tavern(forum). This script also shows visitors, gathering behind our Barstand (chat), so its malifunction caused some communication problems via these sections of the portal, but they still work. This error will be fixed as soon as our main programmer returns from his vacation. We apologize for these temporary problems with forum and chat.

Ubisoft acts like true owner of HoMM series: HeroesIII Complete released

Today, as we found out, Ubisoft released its HeroesIII Complete. Well, it might mean that Ubisoft didn't forget the fans of this version of truly great game.

The cadence of first-called Knights of The Round Table has been prolonged

There is a parliament, consisting from the players of our off-line tourney "HeroesLands" that works on our Portal. Its members are chosen by inhabitants themselves, and it is called Knights of the Round Table. Today the cadence of first-called members of this parliament expired and a new voting procedure should start right away. But, considering such fact as absence of majority of HeroesLands inhabitants because of summer vacations and holidays, the elections to the Knights of the Round Table of second call are moved to Sep. 6th, 2004.

New maps and campaign

New maps and campaign were added today: War for right to live, War with evil (H3AB-M); Battle, Blood of Swamps, Face (H3SD-S); HeroesLands - Miners, Kasparov vs. Kramnik (H3SD-L); Your Islands, Milord (H3SD-XL); Necromantica (H3WG-S); Crossroads (H3WG-M); Lord of the Underground, Password, Two Lands (H3WG-XL); Vladimir's Way (H3WG-C); Secrets of the Old Mill (H4-S); Bizarro, Babylon Gate, Land of Erka, Treasure Island, Zigfrid and Brunhild (H4-M); Dragons' Revenge, Power in the Deep (H4-L); Five Lakes, Spain Wars (H4-XL); Lake Story, Three Storms (H4GS-L); Beyond The Sea (H4GS-XL). Look for them in our section "New Maps".

Our "Tavern" has been improved

Today our Tavern was enriched by a ... hm, a pot called "Removed and Closed Themes" where the administrators of the forum will throw old bones:) Well...what we really meant is that from now the theme transferring system in Tavern is finally activated, and if even the most inexperienced beginner will open a new theme on Announcements' Board for magisters, his topic will be moved to the table where it should be. An excellent event to celebrate in our ""Tavern" :)


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