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Attention! Changes in HeroesPortal team!

Today the following changes in HeroesPortal team occurred. First, sir POLY-MASTER left the team, and from now his functions will be transferred to sir Pater Alex, who also conducts off-line tourneys in HeroesLands 3 and participates in buildind the upcoming "Heroes Library". Now he is responsible for sections "Storage" and "Portal Events" as well. Second, today sir Vadim99, one of the strongest HMM4 players in HeroesPortal, joined the team. He will conduct and direct off-line tourneys in Heroeslands 4. The Supreme Magister (and the director of this portal) Gorbik will only deal with duels between players in tournaments' section. All tournament saves, sent to Gorbik, are transferred to Vadim99, and all your letters with questions about HMM4 tournaments you should send The "About Us" page of our portal will be updated soon.

HeroesPortal administration starts to prepare the site to New Year holidays

New Year holidays are coming. This year, that is going to end soon, was the 5th since HeroesPortal foundation, and portal team decided to supprise ALL of the registered HeroesPOrtal players with a special New Year lottery. Beginning from today and up to 30th December 2004 23:59 (according to Kiev (Ukraine) time zone, which is official HeroesPortal time) all registered HeroesPortal citizens will find in their profiles special artifact A Gift from Magistrate. This "gift" is the New Year lottery representative and can be opened by users after 31 December 2004, 23:59. Right after the coming of 2005, there will appear an option to open the "gift" in all user profiles. While opening your gifts, remember, that there can be not only pleasant surprises in arrobs (our virtual currency, that we use in our HeroesLands), feuds or artifacts for our off-line tourney, but also all kinds of New Year jokes and little nasty games:) First, we wish you an Unforgettable New Year, because our entire life consists from our impressions. Regardless of what kind of gifts are awaiting you in your castles (user profiles), we wish you a Happy New Year! If you don't like to risk and don't want to darken your mood, DON'T OPEN the gift (the chest with it), and it will disappear itself within 14 days. Remember - our life is nothing, but game, and to HeroesLands we indeed came to play:) Keep in mind the REGISTRATION RULES and don't register "doubles" (two or more profiles for one person) only in order to participate in the lottery, otherwise we shall block your profile and you couldn't access our portal.More

Significant changes in section "Clans"!

Today we made some important changes in section "Clans". Two of the clans ceased to exist and a new clan emerged instead. We ask all members of clans to check the page. If you find any mistakes, write to ATTENTION! Soon the clan icons would be placed on the maps of the feuds - so check, if you are indeed a clan member;)

The maps of the feuds in HeroesLands III were updated today

Today the maps of the feuds in"HeroesLands 3" were updated. Pay attention - the maps are, in fact, large graphic files, so patiently wait until all the pictures will fully open:)

New maps

After a short break, caused by some technical problems, new maps have been added today: Adventure of Stil (H2-XL); Freedom of Action (H3RE-L); A Kivaladsztott, Prince of Outcasts (H3RE-XL); Dragon Islands (H3AB-XL); Do Not Disturb, Gekko Chess, Five Imperials, Klan Sandrov, To Survive At Any Cost, Wizard Slayer (H3SD-S); Super (H3SD-L); A Magia Ereje, Dragon Land (H3SD-XL); Crisis of Destiny (H3WG-S); Land of the Babes, Pirates of XXI Century, Spirit of Fallen Dragon (H3WG-M); The Story of Red Hat (H4-M). Look for them in our section "New Maps".

The supplemental elections to the Knights of the Round Table have ended

According to the departure of three participants, Kama, Vadim99, Twilight Knight have been elected to the   Knights of the Round Table

New tourneys in HeroesLands!

If you visit our portal on regular basis, you probably know that the last round of tournaments has just ended and HeroesLands temporarily are in phase, called "intermezzo between tourneys". However, we want to remind you, that during this phase we conduct special tourneys - for example, "HMM II offline" and "HMM III online". So, join the party, while the Magisters are occupied with calculating your prizes in recently ended tourneys;)

Fulfilling your wishes

Today we have improved the section of maps where political situation of our offline tournament is shown in "HeroesLands III" nd in "HeroesLands IV". There is a great amount of graphics in these sections, so be patient while images are uploading. The maps will be refreshed after summarizing all just finished offline tourneys.

The supplemental elections to the Round Table have started

Due to the recent retirement of THREE Knights of the Round Table, an additional round of elections has been opened. You can take part in these elections, that will last until 3.10.04. Just send your voting letter, containing THREE nicknames of those registered Portal inhabitants, ranked "Knight" or higher, whom you consider worthy of such honor, to The letter must be signed with your nickname, under which you are registered on our portal. You can find the detailed information about the Knights of the Round Table here. So, who is worthy enough to join the "Knights of the Round Table" of HeroesPortal? The choice is yours.

New maps

New maps have been added today: The Great Druid (H3RE-M); Africa 1.02 (H3RE-XL); The New Batch (H3AB-M); The Trellion Wars (H3AB-L); The New World, Unexpected Cataclysm (H3AB-XL); Angelic Alliance (H3SD-M); When Hell Freezes Over (H3SD-XL); Labyrinth of Death, Resident Evil (H3WG-XL); Klark (H4GS-M); Barbarian Lands (H4WW-S); Mediterranean, War of Worlds (H4WW-XL). Look for them in our section "New Maps".


The results of the tournament Citadel of Heroes in Heroeslands3 and HeroesLands 4 were sumed up. They are here and here. There were special rules used in this tournament, so if you have questions, write to logan Also, our "Storage" was replenished with interesting crosswords for all Heroes!

Another round of offline tourneys "HeroesLands" is open

Today the new round of our offline tourneys "HeroesLands" has been opened! We remind you, that the new tourney coordinator for HeroesLands3 is sir Pater Alex, and you should send your HMM3

We work at nights:)

Today we have several news for you and they all are good:) First, we present you the new HeroesLands3 tourney coodrinator, sir Pater Alex.This night he and sir Gorbik distributed all the prizes, that were won in HeroesLands4 and HeroesLands3 last tourneys (except the Merchant and the General tourney in HeroesLands3). As we finish adding the prizes, we'll open new tourneys and duels. Second, the results of all duels that ended were sumed up and the awards were also distributed.Two of the duels have been prolonged. All this stuff you can find in "Hall of Glory". We also want to remind you, that if you did not receive the prizes you won, you must write to HeroesLands 3 tourney coordinator Pater Alex and HeroesLands 4 tourney coordinator Gorbik. Also, keep in mind that from this point we cannot change the results in "Hall of Glory" and all the bonuses you lack will be granted without changing the current tables in "Hall of Glory". Stay with us and welcome to "HeroesLands"!

Changes within HeroesPortal team

Lady Ornate decided to take a long vacation. We remind you that she was a tourney coordinator in "HeroesLands3". According to these changes, we ask you to report about all the mistakes in results of tourneys, that were recently published in "Hall of Glory" to Describe the mistake as precisely as possible and if you claim that you sent a save, but you don't see any results in Hall of Glory, attach your save to your letter. All the mistakes will be corrected shortly and the prizes will be distributed. The name of the new HMM3 tourney coordinator will be announced soon.

New maps

New maps have been added today: Z (H2-S); Nuclear (H2-M); Raiders of the Losr Alicorn (H3RE-S); Zero Tolerance (H3RE-M); Earth Eria, Land of Sword and Scepter, Nightmares, The Lost City (H3RE-XL); Outcoming, Reavers of the North, The Cursed Land (H3AB-XL); Devils Around, Grail Wars, Justice Fighter, Justice Fighter II (H3SD-S); Rescuing Queen (H3SD-L); The Cross, The War, War of Legion (H3SD-XL); Seeking the Blackshard (H3WG-S); Lands of Discord (H3WG-M); Treasure of the Warrior (H3WG-L); Discoveries, Domination, The Eye of Dread (H4-M); Nine Princes of Amber (H4-L). Look for them in our section "New Maps".


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