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The design and the "About Us" page have been updated

Today we have all reasons for celebrations, because we finally succeeded to update the design of our Portal. For the comfort of our visitors we also improved the navigating system of our site.
This was a great and laborous effort of our team - our working collective, whom we proudly represent you today. The section About Us was enhanced and updated, so now you can easily find out, who does what on our Portal, and contact the right team member, if you need some help or assistance.

New screenshots of Heroes of Might and Magic V

The new HoMM5 screenshots have vastly spread over the network, causing Ubisoft to submit and finally post them on their official

New maps and campaigns

New maps and campaigns were posted today: Avengers, Town Galore (H2-L); LOTR (H2-XL); Precipitation (H3AB-S); Angelic Alliance, Chess map (H3SD-S); Britain tomorrow, The fire of life, The Nonsense (H3SD-M); The attempt to live (H3SD-L); Threat from outside (H3SD-XL); Antichrist 2, Fire (H3SD-C); Big Price, Death or Life, Gelu vs. Drakon, War of Gelu (H3WG-S); Banishing, Brotherhood of the New Moon, In the name of life, Legion of Dead, Order of life (H3SD-M); Everybody fights, Lord of Thunder, Quest for Artifact (H3SD-L); Lotus Flower, The Moment of Truth (H3WG-XL); Fire and Ice (H4GS-S); Fedor Mihalic, HoMm Rugby (H4WW-M); Imps 1.0, Necro Trial (H4WW-L); Bestiary 1.2, Denmark, Heaven and Hell (H4WW-XL).

Getting what you deserve

No, there is still no "Pantheon of Glory" available:) But today we created something like "boulevard of Heroes" named "Famous Citizens :). From now on, all the citizens, having some special status, can be seen in separate list of names. In this list you'll find the nicknames of all HeroesPortal awarded players and also of those, who contributed something for developing and populizing "Heroes of Might of Magic" and all its addons.
Attention! If you are a member of any project, related to "Heroes of Might and Magic" game series, and you are registered on our Portal, please inform us, and you will receive a special status. We inspire each one's contribution to HoMM business and want our Portal to become a true door to this huge and exciting world.

New maps and campaigns

Mew maps and campaigns were posted today: Big X, Magic Island (H2-L); The Power of Love, War of Catherine (H2-XL); Gimme My Magic Arrow (H3RE-L); War for Freedom (H3AB-XL); Battle of Light & Dark, Terminator (H3SD-S); Bargain (H3SD-M); Conan the Barbarian, Story of Knight (H3SD-L); Free Kings, Only Dragons, The Great War (H3SD-XL); Antichrist, Night Guard (H3SD-C); FIght with devils (H3WG-S); Blood Feud v.2, Unexpected Guest (H3WG-M); Association of Kingdoms, Chernobyl, I am the best, Island Battles (H3WG-XL); Restoring Order (H3WG-C); Treasure Island (H4WW-S); Strange Warming (H4WW-M); Against All Ods, Battle for the Kingdom, Der groe Fluss, Law vs. Anarchy, Marvels of Unknown, Murder She Wrote, Valrania (H4WW-XL).

The Knights of the Round Table of the 3rd call have been elected!

Today the elections to the Knights of the Round Table of the 3rd call have ended. These are the names of the elected: VAN, Stillness, Crazy Kolobok, Duke Kirinyale, Nyrok, Onegogsan, Maverick, RONI, Poseydon, Mister First, Malaya, Zundel. You can find more information about the elections and the votinghere.

Huge update of section "Maps"!

A hoard of 40 new maps were posted today! Here they are:

Crab Land (H2-S); Ilmur (H2-L); Athland, Golden Valley, Old King, Treasurer of the King (H2-XL); Central Conflict (H3RE-XL); Battle for Arrakis (H3AB-M); Keep up to the last, Little Labyrinth (H3SD-S), Taste of Dragonsblood, Lords of Rings (H3SD-M); Disgusting, Islands of Plenty (H3SD-L); Caribbean Sea, Crusaders vs. Dark Force v.2, H2 Demo, Four frogs and butterfly, Seven Lakes v1.1, The forgotten threat (H3SD-XL); No Luke, Saving Irene (H3WG-S); Ring of Luck, Robbery (H3WG-M); Conquer the Empire (H3WG-L); Pogomaster, Promised Land, Return of Vagabond, Want an Apple (H3WG-XL); Throne War (H4-S); Morning Star X, Seventh Voyage of Sinbad (H4-L); World in Order (H4GS-L); Atlantide (H4GS-XL); Beautiful Prince (H4GS-C); Face to Face (H4WW-S); Fallout 1.4 (H4WW-M); Paladins of M&M, Rescue of People (H4WW-L); New King (H4WW-XL).

Happy March 8, dear ladies!

We greet our beautiful and beloved HeroesPortal ladies with March 8 - the International Women Day! Good luck, plenty of love and happiness to all of you.

On-line tournaments on HeroesPortal continue

Also, today we opened a signup for new on-line tourney. The version is the same - HMM3 SoD. We remind you, that an alternative on-line tourney for HMM3 SoD with Swiss rating system being used, is still running. The strongest on-line players of our Portal and our honorable guest, Lord Dim, are participating in it.

The market for HMM2 tournament section has opened

Today we finally opened the market of artifacts and units for our offline tourney "HeroesLands2". Sirs Kama, Silver Lynx and Maverick participated in the creation of the market, but, of course, the project was completed by our main programmer sir Pool. From now all of us can buy equipment and hire monsters for General Tourney in HeroesLands 2. Therefore, do not miss the opportinity to win a feud in Royal Games, that run nowadays in HeroesLands 2. This territory of "HeroesLands" are not populaced yet, so you can find yourself among its first conquerors.
Attention! The tourney is being run by sir Kama!
Else, you have to choose a race in HeroesLands 2 for yourselves again, because some new races have been added to the database with the opening of the market. Do not forget to check, whether your profile was succesfully updated after the changes you made.

Our offline tournament is going on!

Heroes 3 tourneys results have been summed up and Heroes 3 Royal Games have been open today. Heroes 2 Royal Games is coming to an end, so be in a hurry to participate in it. There are changes in our team again, Sir Pater Alex will not be Heroes 3 offline tourneys presenter  any more, this post will be held by Sir Banan. The clan Black bone was dismissed as its rules dont correspond to the portal standarts.

Large update of section "Maps"!

New maps have been added today: Ilmur (H2-S); Starwar (H2-L); Hellcharge, Get what you deserve (H2-XL); Lion Heart, Festival of Magic (H3AB-S); Beavis and Butt-Head, Duel, Kill them All, Xyron vs. Mutare (H3AB-M); Greed (H3SD-S); Hunters (H3SD-M); Invasion of Endogar, Ghosts of the Past, War of diplomats (H3SD-L); Border, Dead Circle, Undead is coming (H3SD-XL); Formula 1, Strength be with you (H3WG-M); Bilogical Disorder, The land of battles (H3WG-XL); Dragons and Dungeons (H4GS-M); Papa Moosca, The Journey (H4GS-L); Coming of Chaos, The Chosen Ones War, To Rome (H4GS-XL); Black and White, Kondrat (H4WW-S); Invasion, The Lost Codex, Struggle for Authority (H4WW-M); Pestilence Lake, Pirates (H4WW-L).

Reasons for celebrations:)

We greet all pairs of lovers with St. Valentine's Day and wish all the couples, having wed in HeroesLands, luck and success in our tournaments and in real life:) Also, today our team got another useful addition - magister Sombreus nominated lady Morvena Junior Magister. She will help him directly in global developing and designing HeroesLands. Sir Silver Lynx, who was also nominated Junior Magister, aids sir Sombreus with standardizing your personal attributes. Come and join the celebrations in our "Tavern":)

New maps

After a short break, caused by some technical problems, new maps have been added today:Good vs. Evil, Lands of Might & Magic (H3SD-M); Boiling Sky,Just for you, World of Madness (H3SD-XL); Endless Story (H3WG-S); Monkey Island, Nine Sides 1.2 (H3WG-XL); The Newcomers (H4WW-M).

The heroes portal is five since it was opened and 3 years since its official opening!

The celebration of the fifth portal anniversary has begun today. The celebration will last till February 6. You can read the details about the place and celebration plans in previous announcements
You can congratulate us here.

Presents are usually made on birthday and today we have opened The first Heroes II Royal Games. We expect these games are only the beginning and there will be regular off-line Heroes 2 tournaments on our portal.
The results of offline tournaments in 2004 have been summed up today. Look for details here
The winner was determined in this way: at first the winners were determined according to results of Common and Merchant guild tourneys and then their duels were analyzed. The Landless tourney was not taken into account as it is an obligatory tournament program.

In HeroesLands 3the rewards are given to:
HeroesLands 3 tournament Grand Master of 2004, first place
HeroesLands Marquis sir miron

HeroesLands 3 tournament Master of 2004, second place
HeroesLands Marquis sir Poseydon

HeroesLands 3 tournament Master of 2004, third place
HeroesLands Count sir Morfey

In HeroesLands 4 the rewards are given to: HeroesLands 4 tournament Grand Master of 2004, first place
Duke sir Aiden

HeroesLands 4 tournament Master of 2004, second place
HeroesLands knight sir Harvi

HeroesLands 4 tournament Master of 2004, third place
HeroesLands magister sir Vadim99

Special rewards:
Player - legend:
Silver Lynx

All winners are rewarded with diploma from the Portal, D-s from the company "Buka" portal shirts and statuettes.
We ask all winners to write to gorbik@heroesportal.netand say how and when they would like to receive their prizes.


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