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Section "Maps" updated again

Today we finished updating our section "Maps", adding the following maps: Labyrinth (H1-L); Fight and Faith, Might and Fire, Vengeance of the Empire (H2-XL); Adventure of Nagash, Conquerors (H3RE-S); Opposition (H3AB-M); Classical scenario (H3SD-S); Just a visit, Vlad Dracula (H3SD-M); Time of Troubles (H3SD-L); Difficult Way, Wild Lands - Mushketeer, World War 1 (H3SD-XL); Emelya, Presenf for Caroline, The Path of Omsword (H3WG-M); A torch inside the world, Antichrist, Dawn of Dead (H3WG-L); Fifa World Cup 2006 (H3WG-XL).

HeroesPortal Storage updated

Today we signed an agreement with one of websites, specializing on wallpapers for your computer. The results of this partnership you can find inside our Storage. Also, today we updated the file The Physics of HoMM 3 world. You can discuss the changes here.

HeroesPortal life

Today we proudly report about the new addition to our Team - lady Sombre. She joined us as a tourney coordinator of HeroesLands 5. Right now we are updating our section About Us. We want to remind you, that the saves of Royal Games for Heroes of Might and Magic V you must still send to

Also, there was a substitution inside the clan "Gladiators". Finally, the maps of continent Nature in HeroesLands 4 were updated too.

HeroesPortal life

Today we've finished sending all the prizes for offline tourneys in 2005 to their winners.
Here are the full lists of winners and awards:
Heroes 2,
Heroes 3,
Heroes 4.
We are sorry for the delay, but the delivery of such a great number of prizes was a certain financial problem. We are grateful to everyone who helped us to make the prizes reach their winners. The winners are asked to send us their photos with the prize in some place of interest in your town. These photos will be displayed in the Events section.
Also, today we've updated the feud map of continent Order in Heroes Lands 4. ATTENTION - wait until all the pictures on the page are loaded.

Clans life

A clan war between 5th Bastion and Keepers of the Holy Sword has been opened today. Also, 3-d Paladins Gonfalon clan has made some changes in its lineup. The full list of the existing clans is here.

Remember, you can see the list of all active offline tourneys here. Also, there are following online tourneys active: Heroes of Might and Magic II
Heroes of Might and Magic III
Heroes of Might and Magic VI
Heroes of Might and Magic V
An offline tourney on Heroes of Might and Magic I is active here.

New poll

Today we propose you a new poll. This time, your opinion will be of value to an online game developers company, With your help, they hope to create a quality product. So, we ask you to vote: "Should heroes' weapons and armor in the game look like real ones from Middle Ages or be stylized?" Also, if you are a game developer yourself and wish to post such polls at HeroesPortal, please contact us at

Heroes of Might and Magic V again... :-)

So, there was a quiet and humble party in Moscow, dedicated to the release of Heroes of Might and Magic V. The guys from Nival have invented a magnificent formula for a presentation:
1. Official part - three minutes.
2. Strip-tease - three hours and a half.

New online tourney season

Today, a new summer season has begun for our online tourneys. We also remind you that, besides the traditional tourneys in HoMM2, HoMM3 and HoMM4, there is also an open tourney in HoMM5.

Offline tourney in the Heroes Lands 5

While we are busy searching for a manager to handle the future offline tourneys in the Heroes Lands 5, you can play in the First Royal Games on Heroes of Might and Magic V. You may ask your questions about this game here. And here you'll find a full list of all offline tourneys currently open. Also, we are now finishing the spring season of online tourneys and opening the new summer season. Additional details will be provided later.

Section "Maps" updated

Today we updated our section "Maps". The following works were posted: Destiny Awaits, Female Revolt, Petersburg, Rise Above (H2-L); Rivers and Lakes (H2-XL); Armageddon Islands, Reunion (H3AB-M); Death Islands (H3AB-L); Impossible Alliance, Port (H3SD-S); Apprentice of Mutare 1.3 (H3SD-L); Manowar (H3SD-XL); The Ashes (H2WG-S); Castle for Grail 1.1 (H4WW-S); A North Border, War with Death (H4WW-M); Land Down Under, Luretia (H4WW-L); Run to the Hills Allied (H4EQ-M); The Economists (H4EQ-L); Dancing Crusader, Death vs. Life (H4EQ-XL).

Storage section updated

Today we've updated our Storage by adding a file which tells about the "World physics" of Heroes of Might and Magic III. This file contains information gathered from various manuals, discussion boards etc. We will be updating it on a regular basis, so watch the news. You may also contribute to developing this file by posting here. Join!

Map library updates

No, it's not what you are thinking of. :) There is no maps section for Heroes of Might and Magic V yet, as we don't have any new maps for it except the ones being provided with the game itself. But we will add maps for this version as soon as you provide some... Which would be a hard task, as the game doesn't have a map editor for now.

Today we've just cleaned our map library a bit. Low quality maps have been deleted, as well as those added with mistakes. Please leave your comments for the maps, they are a big help for us to maintain the map base.

HeroesPortal team expansion

The team needs a php programmer. His main task will be making and filling the sections of HeroesPortal). A candidate should be keen on the Heroes of Might and Magic universe and well prepared for the team-work. If you wish to join us, please send us your information together with the links to some examples of your works.

We also need a tourney manager for Heroes of Might and Magic V game version. The main requirements are interest and good knowledge of the Heroes V. When sending your information, please include links to your posts in the discussion topics of beta and demo versions of the game. You may send links to other websites as well, don't forget to write the post numbers. Send everything to

Heroes Portal life

Today, by a recommendation by the Knights of the Round Table, we've revised and updated the Rules of the Round Table. Also, from now, all games in the "Citadel of Heroes" and "Wild Lands" tourneys will be taken into account when summing up the annual game ratings.

Following another Knights' of the Round Table recommendation, we also introduce reverse exchange rate: arroba for US dollars. See the rate at the bottom of the page.

If you are having trouble with understanding any sections of our rules, please leave your comments here. They will be collected and analysed by the Knights of the Round Table of our Portal.

Heroes of Might and Magic V news

So, there are only a few days left until the release of Heroes of Might and Magic V. There is an information about a data leakage resulting in a disk image with the full version of the game already available for download on the Internet. So be sure to check the authenticity of the game when purchasing it.
We also invite you to participate in a contest: "Race question from Nival".


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