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Add-on Hammers of Fate Heroes of Might and Magic V will be released in November 2006.

Today the companies Nival Interactive and Ubisoft announce the add-on to the game Heroes of Might and Magic V called Hammers of Fate, which will be released in November 2006. The add-on includes:
New race gnomes, who live in snows
New magic school fleece magic, which is available for gnomes only (common magic is also available for them)
For casting fleece magic we you not mana, but common resources
10 new objects, 14 new artifacts
New neutral monsters (wolfs, mummies, manticores)
3 new campaigns (15 missions), new maps
Random maps generator
Possibility to make simultaneous turns while early stage of multiplayer game

The tourneys in HMM1 are lasting!

Today the results of the fourth tourney in Heroes of Might and Magic I hold by Sir Maximix were summed up.
We are waiting for you to take part in the 5th tourney in this vertion.

HeroesPortal life.

The section Clans has been update. The following changes have been made in the clan 3-d Paladins Gonfalon:
1. Sir Zlatovlas changes Sir Horot
2. Sir Adio changes Sir Dakr Wulf
3. Sir Demyan changes Lady Saint Ishtar
Also the clan has changed their statute.

Please, pay your attention, that the page Personal Profile/Registration has been updated. At the moment its testing and being updated. If you have any problems with registration at Heroes Portal or troubles with Password reminder (activation code), communicate our Main Programmer Sir pool.

Section "Maps" updated again

Today we updated our section "Maps" again. This time we received much more good maps than during the previous month.
Here are thr new ones: Attack!, Danger (H1-L); Soul Mirror (H2-XL); Necropolis vs. Castle (H3-RE-S); Morrowind (H3AB-XL); Khan Toptygin II (H3SD-S); Big Bo, Kolkhoz, Rome (H3SD-M); Last Hope, Talisman (H3SD-L); Elementals My Dear Warlord, Purpose rather than plan, Unleashing the Bloodthirsty, The Chance of Owner, The Legend of Ingaard, Vengeance is mine (H3SD-XL); Nobius (H3SD-C); Time to kill, Victory - in the middle (H3WG-M); Antichrist (H3WG-L); War and Peace (H3WG-XL); Gate (H4WW-M); Conan the Barbarian (H4WW-C).

HeroesPortal life

Today we updated the maps of continents of HeroesLands 4:

!!!Attention!!! Today we nullified the list of offline tourney players. We ask all citizens of HeroesLands enter their profiles and label the game versions you play, if you want to continue receiving starting General Tourney saves.
Also, today we enhanced the security systems on Heroes Portal and updated our  Storage.

Some changes in section "Clans"

Today two significant changes in our Clans section were made. The new clan In Quest of Asha was registered and changes were made inside the clan Shadow Guard: sir Shay Tan and lady Salomeya Chaos were replaced by sirs Rufinus and Admiral Macarov.

The elections of the sixth convocation of the Knights of the Round Table had begun.

"Here, while standing in this circle, let us thank Creator for the deliverance he brought us.
And let this circle be the symbol of our deeds.
Each one standing here will be equal to another.
And each one will indefatigably struggle for truth and honor."
(King Arthur).

Today I, the Supreme Magister of Portal, announce the beginning of elections to the SIXTH convocation of the Knights of the Round Table. I solemnly swear to observe the honesty of the elections. Every registered citizen of the Heroes Portal may take part in the voting. So review the Rules of the Round Table and vote for the worthy. Also you may agitate for yourself during the elections in a special topic in the Tavern. The elections will be finished on August 18.

HeroesPortal life

Today we've updated the feud maps of the following continents in Heroes Lands 4:
Also, clans "Arisen Past" and "Keepers of the Holy Sword" have been dismissed today. You may see the changes on the Clans page.

Storage updated again

Today we made a large update of our Storage. You'll find there some helpful materials about Heroes of Might and Magic V and also a whole collection of newspapers, ever released by HeroesPortal players.

HeroesPortal life

The new tourney coordinator has been chosen for HeroesLands 3 - sir Edinorog Magic. Also, today we added HMM5 monsters and artifacts to our market. After the official note from The Knights of the Round Table we shall begin to sell them on free basis. For now, we suggest you to choose your race in HeroesLands 5.

Nival released the official patch 1.2 for Heroes V

This patch contains additional tips about adventure objects found on maps, duel mode for hot seat games, score table and two new maps. Also, some hot keys were added and game interface enhanced as well. This patch also fixes multiplayer bugs and seriously corrects map balance.

Situation around offline tourneys in "Heroes Lands 3"

Our team is constantly haunted by problems with the offline tourney managers in "Heroes Lands 3". So today Sir Alderaan is leaving our team, as he has failed to manage his tourneys properly. Now Heroes Portal team is considering several candidates for this position. Soon we will announce the voting results and hope to see the tourneys go on at normal pace. Unfortunately, to after all delays, to be impartial, we are forced to annul the saves of the last round of Main tourneys. Results of these tourneys are not displayed in the Hall of Glory, and won't be displayed later either. We beg our pardon for this situation.

Administrative changes at Heroes Portal

According to today's decision, magisters will no longer reward citizens with "Angels of Well-being" for stylish posts in our Tavern (we hope that this won't lessen the number of style-speaking citizens on our Portal). Also, the administrators won't give "Angels of Well-being" for birthdays, as the population of the Portal is growing rapidly, and we can't expand the feud maps equally fast. :) At the same time, the players may still purchase "Angels of well-being" for themselves or for other players. One angel costs 1000@. Six "Angels of Well-being" are equal to a feud. If you wish to buy an "Angel of Well-being" for someone, you should write a letter to one of the magisters and transfer the needed sum of arrobas to Sir Gorbik's profile. The magister will put the "Angel of Well-being" in the profile you choose and make an announcement about it. If the announcement is made earlier than the money transfer, the "Angel of Well-being" will be removed and the infringing player punished. We also remind you that we give "Clouds of Anger" for breaking the Rules of Behavior in the Tavern and other violations. "Clouds of Anger" may be removed by "Angels of Well-being".

May your stay at Heroes Portal's Tavern be a pleasant one!

The first Royal Games on Heroes of Might and Magic V have finished today.

The first Royal Games on Heroes of Might and Magic V have finished today. The Royal Games are an offline tourney which is played one or two times per year on Heroes Portal. This tourney was the first on this game version. Now we are calculating the results, and that's a real problem due to the extremely large size of the game saves. Also, some players, in addition to naming their saves incorrectly, splitted them into archives and sometimes forgot to submit all the volumes. So, summing up the results will take some time.
To conclude the tourney, we should admit that Heroes of Might and Magic V game is rather crude and half-done, and, in its current state, is not suitable for offline tourneys. But, despite the difficulties, Heroes Portal administration have made the decision to start conducting the tourneys on this version. Now we are working to launch our "Market" and race selection system for Heroes Lands 5. The tourney manager in this game version is Lady Sombre, so address her if you have any questions.

Summer meetings of HeroesPortal players.

Summer is surely a nice time for a real-life meeting, as the game is not the only thing a real Hero needs.
Soon, there will be a meeting in Nizhnyi Novgorod (Russia). Ex-Magister Sir Sargon will be present there.

At 18:30 on 07.07.06, we'll have a meeting of HeroesPortal citizens in Kiev (Ukraine). The place is near the Stele of Independence on the Independence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti). Sir Twilight (Moscow, Russia) Sir Sombreus (Kiev, Ukraine), Sir Navuchodonosor (Kiev, Ukraine) and Magisters Sir Gorbik, Sir Kirinyale Goldfire, Sir Dante, Lady Ara are expected to be present. And, of course, we hope that you'll come too. :)

Another past meetings of this summer:
03.06.06 Saint Petersburg (Russia)
16.06.06 Barnaul (Russia)
If you are planning to visit the Black Sea (Ukraine) and meet some HeroesPortal neighbours - this topic is for you.


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