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Artifact market changes

The following changes have been made to all of the artifact markets in Heroes Lands:
1) Gremlins small hammer of destruction and rcs torch of destruction won't be available for purchase anymore. Now you can only win them as prizes in a tourney.
2) Functions of Finger of Destiny and Amulets of the Dragon Lord of First, Second and Third degrees have been changed. See the new descriptions in the market.
3) We no longer use the SMS extra payment system for some of our artifacts. The payment is now accepted only by Western Union or Webmoney.
We remind that some of our artifacts/monsters for the offline tourneys can be used only after extra payment with real money. If you wish to add such artifacts to your starting saves, you should take the following steps:
1. Buy them on the market for arroba.
2. Make an extra payment with real USD (see the methods below).
3. Write an e-mail to as follows:
"Please add to my starting save for GAME VERSION, YOUR NICKNAME IN ENGLISH, YOUR PROFILE ID the following artifacts: Amulet of Mana (price 2 USD) NUMBER OF ITEMS, Helm of Heavenly Enlightenment (price 5 USD) NUMBER OF ITEMS. Payment was made by: SPECIFY PAYMENT METHOD. Total transfer sum: SPECIFY TOTAL PAYMENT SUM."
Total price of the artifacts may be less than the sum you've transferred. You may use up your account gradually. The artifacts are NOT removed from your profile, but the price in USD, specified in the market, is for a single use of single artifact/monster in single tourney. You'll have to write such an e-mail before every tourney where you want to use your artifacts.

All the changes to the markets have been discussed with the Knights of the Round Table of 7th Convocation.

Heroes Lands II feud maps updated

The feud maps of Heroes Lands II have been updated. We'd also like to remind the kings that they should submit their flags.
If you have any questions about the feud maps, you may ask Lady Ara who is responsible for this section.
Be patient until all the images are loaded. By clicking on a small preview image, you will open the full-sized feud map.

Results of the $1000 online tourney

Today we've summed up the results of the [/tavern/?id=216015&pagenum=18#last $1000 online tourney] on Heroes of Might and Magic III. The prizes and places are as follows:
1 place Markon - $500
2 place vitalic - $200
3 place gorbunaak - $100 USD
4 place Gynnar - $50 USD
5 place CoboJIb - $50 USD
6 place Esaul - $50 USD
7 place Vigo - $10 USD
8 place VerySlow - $10 USD
9 place Andreyw - $10 USD
Sir CmapuK is rewarded with $10 for the first full and detailed report in this tournament.
You can get your prizes in several ways:
1. Cash on meeting.
2. Money transfer to the chosen recipient (excluding bank commission).
3. Money transfer to a cellphone/Internet account (excluding the transfer commission).
4. Conversion to "arrobas" on your personal account at our Portal.
Other methods are NOT CONSIDERED.
To get more specific information, please contact HeroesPortal's Supreme Magister, Sir Gorbik:
ICQ 330918714
Tel. +7 (916) 679-45-78
We'd like to thank everyone for playing! Right now we're preparing a detailed review of this tournament for our Events section.

Summer meetings of Heroes Portal citizens

We will be happy to meet you on 4 and 11 August at 13:00 in Kiev (Ukraine), on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) under the Independence Stele! Come to have a good time together with your brother-in-arms from the virtual Heroes Lands and the Supreme Magister, Sir Gorbik.
Your participation in these meetings will be recorded in our events archive. You can discuss the meeting and your impressions from it here.

Feud maps updated

Today we have updated the feud maps of Heroes Lands V and set the road fees during duels.
We have also updated the feud maps of Heroes Lands III and Heroes Lands IV and would like to remind our Kings that they must send their kingdoms' flags.
If you have any questions regarding the feud maps, you can ask the manager of this section, Lady Ara.
Please wait for all images to load. By clicking on the small preview image, you will open a window with the full-sized feud map.

HeroesPortal updates

From now on, in your "castle" profiles you can see the separate numbers for feuds you've won in online or offline battles. When you buy a feud from the Magistracy, you can also choose its type (online or offline). Same is correct about the gift feuds you get in exchange for six "Angels of Well-being". You can also change your feuds types between offline and online by using the special artifact "Equilibrium". As an example, you can examine the profile of Sir Leosan. Please pay attention to his Heroes Lands II profile, as he has both online and offline feuds there.

A Portal to the Heroes Lands V

Today we have opened a Portal leading into the Heroes Lands V. Here you will feud maps with any realms you have in these lands. Please wait for the images to load fully. By clicking on a small map preview, you will open a window with the full-sized continent map. Also, now you can make offline duel challenges in this game version!

New barstand updates

Today we have updated our chat again. Please post your opinions in this topic.
We would like to know what you think of the new smilies at the Barstand, and about necessity of a separate window for private messages.
Unfortunately, the previous version of the Barstand had much bugs, so we decided to implement a new version, which will be enhanced according to your propositions.
Direct your thanks for the new chat to Sir Drago Wolter.

The World War in Heroes Lands have started!

Today the Damned have launched an attack on the Order of Paladins. A swift, quiet, silent and cruel attack.
Skeleton commandos methodically slaughtered the relaxed guardsmen. Carnage started on the city walls, but the news of it were too late. One of the guards tried to blow the alarm horn, but uttered just a few gurgling sounds before falling with a shuriken in his throat. City gates were taken over and the unholy cavalry of Death knights rushed to lay waste upon the land... But the living have organized a thick defense.
Today we open 10 offline duels in Heroes Lands III, two duels in Heroes Lands II and one offline duel in Heroes Lands IV. Everyone is invited to watch the battles or make their bets on the winners!

We also remind that you can find a list of current offline tourneys here and join the fight. Heroes of Might and Magic I offline tourney is being held here. And you will find a list of current online tourneys here.

King's Bounty news!

Do you remember a game named "King's Bounty"? If not, you'll find its description in our Library. This game was the ancestor of all HoMM-like turn-based strategies and now it looks like we'll have a sequel! Russian company "1C" have registered this trade mark and is going to release a project named Kings Bounty: The Legend. The release is planned on 4th quarter of 2007.

Technical changes

Today we have finished redesigning the Registration page. Welcome to HeroesPortal. :) On the same page you will find the password reminder and the profile activation block. If you have any troubles with this page, please tell us by e-mail to or write in this topic.

HeroesPortal updates

Today we have following updates on HeroesPortal:
1) The About section now contains information about our new online tourney managers.
2) We invite you to take part in a new poll: Do you like the new expansion, Heroes V: Hammers of Fate?
3) We have updated the images and corrected some inaccuracies on the Artifacts Market of Heroes Lands V, You can discuss the changes here.
4) Players' special statuses have been updated, last mistakes fixed. If you see anything else we've missed, please write here.

HeroesPortal events reminder

Today we would like to remind you of some relevant events on HeroesPortal:
1) Rewards for the chronicles for our Society Column are increased until October 1 2007. As you may know, these chronicles are humorous fantasy stories about real events taking place on HeroesPortal. You can find them on our tourney news page. Current reward for every chronicle is 500@ (if it is of good quality and sufficient length) and additional 1000@ if it is translated into English (total 1500@). As always, send your chronicles to
2) We are currently holding map contests for HoMM3 (SoD), HoMM3 (WoG), HoMM4 (WoW). here and here you may find the details and sign up for participation.
3) We also remind of permanent rewards for advertising our Portal and posting news from other sites dedicated to Heroes of Might and Magic series here on our Portal. The details can be found here and here.

Server maintenance

HeroesPortal server will be undergoing maintenance from 23:00 on 7th July till 10:00 on 8th July. All equipment will be off and our site down. We are sorry in advance for the inconveniences.

HeroesPortal updates

We have a lot of updates for you today:
1) Artifacts from the Hammers of Fate expansion have been added to the artifacts market of Heroes Lands V. You can discuss the changes here.
2) Changes in the Clans section. A substitution has been made in the Gladiators clan: Sir hister out, Sir Super Grover in.
3) Match table of the online tourney ($1000 prize money) in Heroes Lands III has been updated. Also, we have opened a new, somewhat unusual online tourney in Heroes Lands III. Sign up for it if you wish.
4) Unprecedented activity has been noticed among the offline players: we have already received 8 challenges for offline duels, two in Heroes Lands II and six in Heroes Lands III. Looks like a big war is coming up! If you wish to challenge someone yourself, please hurry up, as the new duel round will be opened very soon.
And, of course, don't forget to watch our tourney page news! Have fun playing!


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