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Feud maps update

We have updated the feud maps in Heroes Lands II, III, IV and V. If you have any question about the feud maps, you can ask Lady Ara, who is responsible for this section.
Be patient until all the images are loaded. By clicking on a small preview image, you will open the full-sized feud map.

Large update of section "Maps"

During September we got more maps than in two or three previous months. Furthermore, this update presents different maps for all five HoMM games: Enchanted Forest, Heroes, Paladin sword, Shield and Sword, Way of the hero (H1); Vengeance (H2-S); Animages (H2-M); Under One Another (H3SD-S); Ukrainian Wars (H3SD-L); Death in Tatalia (H3SD-XL); Amnesia (H3WG-L); Aniconic, Dream 1.54L, Just a Map, PCNT (H3WG-XL); Order and Chaos (H4WW-S); Auto Portrait, Explorer, Woman sun (H4WW-L); The beginning of end 2 (H4WW-C); Bk The School, The Cloverleaf War, The Virgin of Ponce 2, Zandragar Stratagem (H5HF-M); Lord Garrick Stahlrad, Shadow Dreams, The Six Factions (H5HF-L).

Clan section updates

Today we have added a new clan - Sparkles in the Night to our Clans section. Also, Sir Master of Earth have left the clan Arm of the Martyr, and Sir Sub-Zero joined instead.

Voting for the Knights of the Round Table has started

Today, the voting for the Knights of the Round Table of the Eighth Convocation has started. Voting will last until October 4th 2007. We accept your voting letters at

Tax system in offline tourneys

Starting with the next round of "Common" offline tourneys in all Heroes Lands versions, after forming your personal starting saves we will take taxes for the used property. You may see the tax sum in your "castle" profiles, when you choose artifacts and monsters to aid you in your battles on the map.
After forming a save and sending it to the player (and after taking the tax), the "Receive saves" check-mark will be automatically reset, and you will have to choose your artifacts and monsters again for the next tourney. By these measures, we want to increase the players' responsibility in managing their property, make them plan their strategies for every map, and confirm the necessity of creating personal saves for them before every tourney.

Portal news

Today we have more news for you about Heroes Lands I and our feud maps.
In Heroes Lands I, we have started a mapmakers competition. We've also set feud's price (5000@) and maximum tourney reward (1000@).
We have also updated the feud maps in Heroes Lands II, III, IV and V. If you have any question about the feud maps, you can ask Lady Ara, who is responsible for this section.
Be patient until all the images are loaded. By clicking on a small preview image, you will open the full-sized feud map.

Changes to the Angels of Well-being

Today, according to recomendations of the Knights of the Round table of the 7th Convocation, we introduce changes to the terms of using of the "Angels of Well-being". You will find the new description for this unique artifact in our Market, and it is as follows:

This artifact is displayed in player's profile, and near his messages in the Tavern. It means that your behaviour is in line with all Portal's standards, and that your actions contribute to Portal's development in general. You may purchase this artifact yourself by sending an e-mail letter to the Magistracy and choosing a citizen profile (regardless of the rank, including your own profile) to which the artifact will be applied. Remember, that when you accumulate SIX Angels of Well-being, you can exchange them for:
1) A feud in any Heroes Lands, but only if number of the feuds in the chosen version before was no more than 4 (four).
2) Two different mines of your choice in any game versions.
3) Any artifact/monster or a number of artifacts/monsters in any game versions with total price up to 5000@ (but no more than 3 (three) in every version), not counting the price of the mines. Mines for the higher monsters/artifacts still must be paid. You can also choose a more expensive artifact and pay the difference (e.g. 3400@ for Angelic Alliance, which costs 8400@).
4) Any unique artifact from the following list:
a) Land decree of the second degree;
b) Finger of Destiny + Swindlers thimble + Thimble damaged; c) Royal decree of the first degree + Gremlins hammer of destruction + Black Sand
5) 5000@.
Angels of Well-being can be removed by Clouds of Anger.

HeroesPortal Map Censors Collegium

The HeroesPortal Map Censors Collegium have been founded today. It includes:
Pinks Lynx
Roke Alva
The Collegium aims on raising the quality of maps in HeroesPortal's collection and stirring up individual work with the authors. Today we have opened a hidden unmoderated table for the Collegium in our Tavern, where its members can discuss maps and actions of the Collegium. Now the new maps will be properly commented after posting, and authors will be offered help with fixing bugs and mistakes, should they need it. As we wait for your maps, we are also planning to further add to the functionality and convenience of our Maps section.

HeroesPortal tourneys

The war between the Damned and the Living is over. It shaked every continent in Heroes Lands. The battles spread to all game versions and all disciplines (online, offline, even mapmaking!). The war ended in defeat of the Damned, but some warriors still clash in the newly opened duel round. The war between the Light and the Darkness is never-ending indeed.
The new offline tourney round has been opened as well. Results of the Summer season of online tourneys are available, and we are especially happy about the Heroes Lands III, which featured 96 players in this discipline. Signing for the Autumn season is open in Heroes Lands II, Heroes Lands III, Heroes Lands IV, Heroes Lands V. Join the Game!

The election campaign for the eighth convocation of the Knights of the Round Table had begun!

"Here, while standing in this circle, let us thank Creator for the deliverance he brought us.
And let this circle be the symbol of our deeds.
Each one standing here will be equal to another.
And each one will indefatigably struggle for truth and honor."
(King Arthur)

Today I, the Supreme Magister of Portal, announce the beginning of election campaign for the EIGHTH convocation of the Knights of the Round Table. I solemnly swear to observe the honesty of the elections. Every registered citizen of the Heroes Portal may take part in the voting. So review the Rules of the Round Table and vote for the worthy. Also you may agitate for yourself during the elections in a special topic in the Tavern. The voting will start after the agitation period, on 21 September 2007.

Heroes of Might and Magic I offline tourneys opened!

Today we have opened full support for Heroes of Might and Magic I offline tourneys. To sign up for these tourneys, you should choose your game race in your profile. Should you find any problems in Portal's functioning concerning this update, please write about them here. The market has also been filled with goods appropriate for this game version. Note that the Common Tourney in Heroes Lands I is already open!

Money exchange!

Today, Sir Kalkut have exchanged 100 000@ for $100. We remind that this is HeroesPortal's monthly limit. If you want to make such an exchange, please make an appointment by e-mailing
You can also make a reverse exchange by tranferring USD to your account, which you may use to pay for some of artifacts for our tourneys, or by transferring them to arroba for your personal needs at HeroesPortal. By doing so, you will help us in developing HeroesPortal and make your own stay here a more pleasant one. Learn more about the money exchange methods here.
We will be also grateful to anyone visiting the context advertisement links on our Portal. This will help us reduce our maintenance costs. We thank you all for being HeroesPortal's visitors!

Private forums for organizations and clans on HeroesPortal.

If you represent an organization or a clan at our Portal, we'd like to offer you your own SECRET table in our Tavern's corner.
In other word's, that would be a private forum. You can appoint your own moderator for this section. Such forum can be seen only by players from your own selected list. Cost of such service is $10 per month.
The service includes:
1) Opening and supporting the forum for one month term.
2) Setting a list of up to 10 user profiles who will be able to see the forum ($1 more for each extra profile).
3) Appointing one moderator who will be able to edit and hide messages in this formum ($5 more for each extra moderator).

HeroesPortal administration guarantees confidentiality of all information in the private forums and won't moderate them.

If you are interested, write an e-mail with a request for private forum to, containing nicknames of the forum users and their profile IDs, and the moderator's nickname; then make a payment for the service.
You can pay via Western Union or WebMoney. Read more about payment methods here. Our WebMoney purse numbers can also be found on that page.

In case we don't receive payment during 1 month, the forum will be closed. You can pay in advance for private forum support during several months.

Section "Maps" updated

During the last week our section "Maps" became bigger with addition of 20 new maps! Here is the list of these new maps:

Easy Walk (H2-XL); Flood, Kenarius, Magic Land (H3SD-S); Rebellion (H3SD-L); Armland, La Ultima Batalia, Southern Coast (H3SD-XL); The Way Home (H3WG-S); School Pride (H3WG-M); Battle For Fun (H4WW-S); Find to destroy, Secret of the pirate island (H4WW-M); Pirates WL 1-2, The Five Rings WL 5-4, Thirst of a profit WL 4-5 (H4WW-XL); Arrogance v2.1, Arrogance v2.1 (allied), Blitskrieg (H5HF-S).

HeroesPortal news

1) Clan "Black Bone" has been disbanded, as one of its members have became a King. You can see the list of the remaining clans in the Clans section.
2) We continue actively rescripting and redesigning our portal. Unfortunately, these works have led to a database fault and we had to restore the data on 15.08.07 00:00. All transactions made on 15.08.07 before 23:00 have been cancelled, we've also lost some messages in the Tavern in this period. We are sorry for the inconveniences.
3) We continue working to renew the Property transfer and Tourneys pages. You may tell what you think about their functioning here. We will certainly take take it into consideration to make these pages better.
Thanks for understanding and all your help in HeroesPortal development.


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