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Another large update of section "Maps"

Today 33 news maps were added to our map collection. Here they are: Battle (H2-M); Robin Hood, Strange Times (H3RE-S); Roar, Rebellion, Stupid Zombies, Terres Draconiques, Terres Natales (H3RE-M); Librer la Nation, Petits Peuples, Shattered Nations, Succubus, The Black Dread (H3RE-L); Old Legends, Ralkor the Liberator, Terres Ombres (H3RE-XL); Necrologia is Back (H3AB-XL); PK 1.1, Two hundred thousand golds (H3SD-S); Dragons, Search for outsider, Devil Rising (H3SD-M); Must be Recovered!, Fast and Strong, Spinner SoD (H3SD-XL); Necromancer's Beginning (H3WG-S); Struggle for prosperity (H3WG-M); Ingelmand (H4-L); Battlestar WoW, King of the Hill, One Hot Minute 1.2 (H4WW-M); Brothers in Arms (H4WW-L). Look for them in our section "New Maps". Administration of HeroesPortal thanks sir Ambassador for huge archive of HMM3 maps he sent us. Unfortunately, we didn't identified the autorship of those maps yet, so meanwhile they are posted in Unknown Author profile.

Large update of section "Maps"

New maps were added today: Foot of Army, Hour of the Dragon (H3RE-M); Asmirith, Blademan, Finlandia, Hammer of the Gods (H3RE-XL); Contest, Malworth's Quest (H3AB-S); The Prophecy, Draconic Wars (H3AB-M); Camelot MC, Dawn of Armageddon, Massive Strength (H3AB-XL); Quartet (H3SD-S); Blade 1.51, King 1.03, Four Clans (H3SD-M); Burnout (H3SD-L); All vs. Inferno, Domination, Dragon Lakes, World Domination (H3SD-XL); Revenge (H3WG-M); Last Best Map, Lost Temple 1.31 (H3WG-L); The Gate (H4-M); Enjoy 1.20 (H4GS-L); Armageddon (H4WW-L). Look for them in our section "New Maps".

Heroes of Might and Magic V exclusive!

Rumours and conjectures concerning a new sequel of Heroes have been soaring in the internet for a long time, we have managed to obtain latest information on this project from a reliable but secret source. It is necessary to say that we are drawing many conclusions ourselves on the basis of known facts, but they are obvious: the project Heroes of Might and Magic V is alive! And not simply alive, its work is going on by all means. The company Ubisoft is not in a hurry to announce the developer of the game officially, but according to information from network forums this team of developers is from Russia, moreover, all shows it is a best Russian games developer - Nival! What it means? To all appearances, the basis of new Heroes will be powerful game engine from Silent Storm (recently released step-by-step tactics of second world war). It seems work on Heroes has been conducted since this winter (that is about half a year), provided game engine is ready, it means we shall see the game approximately in one year (by autumn 2005). We also knew that there would be built-in editor of maps in the game, it is not clear if it will be simple in use (as game engine is completely 3D). And to all appearances 5-th part will resemble Heroes 3 to a great extent, it means the publisher and developer decided to follow wishes of players. We shall see what we shall see. Most likely announcement of new Heroes will be timed to one of European autumn expositions. Well be waiting Game Convention in Leipzig, Game Star Live in London! Well receive the latest information directly from places of events:) therefore do not switch the channel and stay with us!:)

The maps from our Portal were published in gaming magazine "Igromania" (Russia)

Gaming magazine Igromania (Russia) continues to publish your maps, placed in our "map catalogue". On bonus CD, coming with the magazine, you'll find the following maps: Atlantic Ocean, Erathia, Havoc, Machine Wars, Mr. Frosty, Tania_WoG, The Battle Of Steel & Magic, The War Is Beginning, A War Of Contrast, Battle For Treasure, Brothers In Arms, Corona, Darknes, Demonic Dreams, Die Lange Reise, Dispute Of Neigbours Disenchanted Forest, Draconic, A Dracolish Helmet, Accelerator, Bastard, Arthur. We greet the authors of those truly brilliant maps! Now not only the visitors of our Portal, but also the subscribers of "Igromania" can get acquainted with your works!

New maps

New maps have been added today: Castles and Dreams (H3RE-XL); Big War, Exciting Trip, Full Moon (H3AB-XL); War of Three Kings, The Duncan Isthmus (H3SD-S); Intrusion has begun (H3SD-M); Abetment, Attack from Ocean, Sprinter, Bad Fellas, Test for Brave (H3SD-XL); Seafarers (H3WG-XL); Beltway II (H4-M); Crowning Magistre (H4GS-XL). Look for them in our section "New Maps".

Summer improvements on HeroesPortal

There is summer outside. Many of you have settled for travelling, but to those, who still come to our Portal, it will be pleasant to find out, that today we updated the first page of our Portal - the gates to the world of Heroes This update was done because from now the players, who achieved victories in our offline tourneys "HeroesLands", will get shirts with this drawing on them. Also, two new Clans have just been registered on our Portal. For information, check the page "Clans".

Another large update of section "Maps"

New maps and campaigns were added today: Wolfens Visions (H3RE-M); Martial Elves, Devilish Pride (H3RE-XL); Resistance, Stars, Water Snow and Fire (H3-AB-XL); Citadel of Death (H3SD-S); Dark and Light, Fight for death, Life, Traveller, Magic Off (H3-SD-M); The Mean Agreement, Trial (H3SD-L); Ambush, The Great War (H3SD-XL); Capital of Death, The Peasant, Angel and Sword Episode II (H3SD-C); Adventure Islands (H3WG-S); Great Wars of Aiurveda (H3WG-L); Between Magic and Might (H3WG-XL); Punic Wars, Intrusion (H3WG-C). Look for them is our section "New Maps".

The second on-line tourney on our Portal has been opened!

You can find the schedule of the second on-line tourney on for game version "Heroes of Might & Magic 3 - The Shadow of Death" here. The prize for which the participants of this on-line tourney will fight each other will be 1000@ and 1 feud in our off-line tourney "HeroesLands". HeroesPortal team welcomes any aid or suggestions from those, who have the ability to conduct on-line tourneys for Heroes 4. We still run those tourneys irregularly, notifying in our HeroesPortal news about groups of players, gathering for participating in on-line tourney. We hope that we'll be able to satisfy your will to play in on-line tourneys as successfully as we did it in our off-line tourneys.

New maps

New maps have been added today:: 13 Obelisks, Adjudication, Exiled, Family Reunion, Ludicrosity, Necromantic, Quadruples, Threedom (H2-M); War of the Ring (H2-XL); Atlantic Ocean (H3SD-M); Havoc, Mr. Frosty, The Battle of Steel and Magic (H3SD-XL); Machine Wars, Four Towns, The war is beginning (H3WG-S); A Dracolish Helmet, Erathia, Tania WOG (H3WG-XL). Look for them in our section "New Maps". Two new campaigns - The Peasant, Angel and Sword (Episode II) and New Day - are being tested now.

Large update of section "Maps"

New maps and campaign were added today: Alien Invasion, Armada, Bad Morale, Crossroads, Eruptions, Halloween, Heat, Invaders, Starfire, Tolkien Tribute, Whimsy Islands (H2-L); No Return Possible (H3SD-XL); You must do this...(H3WG-M); Cloak of Undead King (H3WG-XL); The way of Arthur (H3WG-C); If These Walls Could Talk (H4-M); Danger ZoNe, Death Valley, Desert Strike, Iopoiu 1.1, Magic Forest 1.1, Shadow Be Thy Game, Walkabout 1.2 (H4WW-M); Genesis (H4WW-L). Look for them in our section "New Maps.".

Our Tavern becomes better

We continue developing our site. Today we added some new functions to our forum "Tavern", and now it works much more quickly. Come to our Tavern for celebrations:)

Staff changes in clan "3rd Paladins Gonfalon"

Today the staff of clan "3-rd Paladins Gonfalon" has changed. You can get acquainted with the new staff of the clan here.

New maps and campaigns

New maps and campaigns were added today: Fear2, Genesis, Heretics II, Inner Sanctum, Ocean View, Senadrin Glade, Shadow World, Snow Storm (H2-XL); Honey Dwarf (H3AB-M); Plague, The Decisive Hundred (H3SD-XL); The Peasant, Angel and Sword (H3SD-C); Halberdiers Attack, Sword and shield (H3WG-M), An adventure with Slander (H3WG-L); Abduction, Augment (H3WG-XL); Bastard (H3WG-C); Queen Sudba 2 (H4WW-S). Look for them in our section "New Maps".

Maps from our Portal were posted in Russian gaming journal "Igromania"

Posting maps on our Portal is not only interesting and profitable, but also prestigious for mapmakers. Not long ago some maps from our Portal were published on CD, that comes along with the magazine Igromania as a bonus. Here is the list of maps published: Logan Peacekeeper - Coalition Wars (H3-SoD-XL) LEOSAN - Experiment (H3-WoG-S) BOOGALOO - Fantasy World (H3-WoG-XL) Dread Knight - Four Nations (H3-WoG-S) LEOSAN - Gohan (H3-WoG-XL) Eliminator - Golem Rebellion (H3-WoG-XL) Gorbik - Happy Time Dragons! (H3-AB-XL) LEOSAN - Legacy Of Solmir (H3-WoG-M) Romich - Map about Romich (H3-WoG-M) Lady PoisonAvi - Somewhere In Desert (H3-SoD-XL) LEOSAN - Titan (H3-WoG-S) Arctic Sh.- Arctic Lands (H2-XL) Robert Lakatos - Captain (H2-M) Jekil - Jekil Map (H2-XL) Logan Peacekeeper - the Last Coalition War (H4-WoW-XL) We greet those authors, whose works have been published by "Igromania" journal, and anticipate new great maps for all versions of Heroes.

New maps and campaign

New maps and campaign were added today: Cross of Forces, Maze, Two Countries (H2-M); Europe, Three Signs, Ordinary World (H2-L); Three Continents (H2-XL); Between angel and demon, Diamond Isle (H3SD-M); HeroesLands - Clans (H3SD-L); Attraction 1.1. (v.2), Ruler, Vendetta, The Lone Knight (H3SD-XL); Accept 1.4 (v.2) (H3SD-C); All for Gogs, Play Arena, Qwetland (H3WG-S); Klondike (H3WG-M); Fufland (H3WG-L); Great War (H3WG-XL); First (H4WW-S). Look for them in our section "New Maps". Another two H3 campaigns - "Good and Ill" and "The Peasant, the Angel and the Sword" - are being tested now.


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